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最新订阅内容:英语爱好者摘要:Two girls living next door to each other - a seemingly plain scene that has two very different life stories behind it.


Two girls living next door to each other - a seemingly plain scene that has two very different life stories behind it.

Chi Zhen, an 18-year-old preparatory student in Seville, Spain, used his camera to tell the story of two lives, which went viral online. Comments on the photos indicate that they have inspired many to believe that the future is in their own hands.

Chi has seen many of his peers living life without a goal, wasting their time and blaming bad luck for it. Feeling regret for them, he took a series of photos of his friends Veronica and Anna Maria, both freshmen at the University of Seville in Spain. They live completely different life styles and are getting opposite results. Chi hopes the photos will inspire those who have let go of their own fate. It has certainly attracted attention, with more than 213 million views on Renren.com and 30,000 shares.

In the photos, Anna Maria, a chubby Spanish girl, can be seen watching a TV drama. “She spends most of her time in front of her laptop,” says Chi. “She loves watching TV so much that she just eats take-away food in front of her laptop every day.”

Anna Maria rarely goes out, because she thinks she’s not attractive and doesn’t know what to say in social situations. She blames fate. “I’m not as lucky as Veronica,” she often says.

But she doesn’t know that while she’s wasting time watching TV dramas, Veronica, the “lucky” girl next door, has taught herself four foreign languages and traveled to many places. She goes to the library frequently and her extensive knowledge and experience allow her to take part in any conversation and become the center of attention.

Chi thinks that Anna Maria resembles many of his Chinese friends who study abroad. They are confined to their little circles, always complaining about their fate, yet never changing it.

“They say ‘maybe I’ll do it in my next life’, but they are in their 20s, their best time. How can they give up hope and accept this as their life?” Chi says.

Looking at Veronica, it’s obvious that she’s taking control of her fate. She’s studying Chinese, facilitating communication with Chi. Her experience has encouraged Chi to mix with students from all countries, and he’s getting good results.

“I learned about so many different ideas and attitudes, but I still need some time to get used to them,” he says.

The influence of the photos has gone far beyond what Chi expected. One user commented on his photos on Renren.com, saying: “A wall separates two worlds, and the life we have depends on what we do. I’d rather grasp my fate now than complain about everything later.” Another is determined to make a change right away. “I’m turning off my laptop and not watching TV dramas anymore,” he wrote.

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