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成功关乎选择 定义属于自己的成功


Unlock your potential

Whether you decide to work for a non-profit organization or become the next Brian Tracy, well-renowned self-made millionaire, the bottom line is, success is a matter of choice. You have the option to go after any career field imaginable, but with each endeavor come specific steps that you must prepare for and be willing to devote your time to. For example, if you want to go back to school, then you must commit to completing the coursework, attending classes and paying tuition and book fees. If you want to be a model, you must keep fit, have a picture portfolio, and attend auditions.

While some people are blessed enough to be “discovered,” the ultimate American dream, keep in mind that you need to place yourself in a position that allows you access to these limitless doorways to success. Additionally, shows like MTV's “Making the Band” exemplify the reality that even if you “make it” in the show biz world, you must work, and you must work hard to produce a quality high demand outcome. P. Diddy is a tireless businessman, so too is the great, legendary, multi-billionaire, Donald Trump. These men share some important qualities that are keys to success: they believe in themselves and they will not settle for less. They know that hard work pays off and because of this they are willing to work hard.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people do not want to do.

Always remember: You get to choose the path you want to venture down. If you are not the stereotypical type “A” personality, you may commit your loyalty to a strong sound company that has a good reputation, great benefits, and the option to grow in one's career. You have options. You do not have to travel down the road of success in any particular fashion. No one's “map” is the correct one for anyone except themselves. Success is determined most fully by your happiness, your peace of mind, and your feelings of self-worth, fulfillment and joy in life.

When you stay true to your character, integrity, and heart you are already a success head and shoulders above those who lack the courage to simply be themselves, look a person in the eyes, and treat them as they would their own flesh and blood (a the janitor, a CEO, or a movie star, equally and) regardless of the circumstances. Because, at the end of the day, people spend millions of dollars each year just to take a vacation to relax and “get away”, something you can do right now for free; people work tirelessly and treat others unkindly for a bigger paycheck at the expense of their health and well being of others and in the end, who loses the most?

No matter what anybody says or does, you know in your heart people feel their very best when they:

“Do the right thing.”

I once interned preschool classrooms observing the children. During that time I was deeply touched by a wall dedicated to the children's artwork. Pictures of love and beauty coupled with sentences about what they wanted to be when they grew up bespoke the true essence and purpose of life: to be heroes, role models, and family to one another.

In your heart, you have always known peace of mind is priceless; a precious commodity that can never be bought or sold; when your conscience is clear, so too is your mind, body and spirit. Mistakes lay in your past; you create a new brighter path everyday, with every step you take today, tomorrow and the next.

Every minute you are making all your dreams come true!






不论你是选择为非赢利组织服务还是成为下一个Brian Tracy,一个自力更生的、极有声誉的百万富翁,你的底线便是,成功关乎你自己的选择。你可以动手追逐任何可能的事业领域,但是你应该对你的努力所带来的任何特殊时刻有所准备并全力以赴。比方说,如果你选择回到学校,那么你就应该选择将自己托付于硕士课程之中,你必须上课并且支付学杂及书本费用。而如果你想成为一名模特,那么你必须保持身材,准备一个照片夹,并不断参加试镜。

当有些饱受祝福的人们被他人“发现”时,那终极的美国梦,请将它牢记于心以方便在你走向成功的入口时找到自己的位置。另外,像MTV“打造乐团”(Making the Band)这样的选秀节目便举出了即使身处演艺世界你也必须努力工作的真实例证,并且你必须为高品质的产出而努力奋斗。P. Diddy是一个不知疲倦的生意人,同样的还有伟大的、富于传奇色彩的、亿万富翁Donald Trump。这些人都拥有着一些通向成功的重要品质:他们相信自己的双手并且从不勉强。他们知道自己将从努力工作中所获得的回报,并且那也是他们所愿意为之奋斗的。





“做正确的事。”(Do the right thing.)





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