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BBC News with Nick Kelly. 尼克·凯里为你播报BBC新闻。
An American-born child, who was thought to have been the first to be cured of HIV as a baby, has had the virus detected in her blood once again. 一名美国出生的儿童是婴儿时期第一个治愈艾滋病的患者,但目前又在她的体内诊断出该病毒。
The girl's case has raised hopes of a cure. Steve Jackson reports. 女孩的病例一度给人们治愈艾滋的希望,史蒂夫·杰克逊报道。
“The girl was born in Mississippi to a mother with HIV and was given aggressive treatment in the first two days of her life. “女孩出生在密西西比州,母亲携带有艾滋病毒,在她出生的前两天就受到积极的治疗。
At 18 months she stopped being given medication to suppress the virus, but remained free of HIV for more than two years afterwards. 18个月大的时候她不再服用抑制艾滋病毒的药物,但在随后的两年不再携带该病毒。
This was unprecedented and led medical experts to hope that the technique could be used much more widely to cure babies born with HIV. 这件事史无前例,医学专家们希望能广泛推广这一技术来治愈出生时即携带艾滋病毒的婴儿。
Doctors treating the girl said the reemergence of the virus was a disappointing turn of events, 治疗这名女孩的医生说,病毒的再次出现是个令人失望的转折点,
but the treatment may still have limited the development of HIV and the need for anti-retroviral drugs.” 但治疗可能仍限制了艾滋病毒的发展,使得病人不再需要抗逆转药物。”
American Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Afghanistan to try to resolve tensions over the disputed presidential elections that are threatening to destabilize the country. Aleem Maqbool reports. 美国国务卿约翰·克里抵达阿富汗,努力解决围绕有争议的总统选举产生的紧张局面,这次选举威胁了该国的安定。阿里姆·马可波尔报道。
“The fact John Kerry has made his trip at such short notice is an indication of just how concerned the US is of Afghanistan descending into post-election turmoil. “约翰·克里当即访问阿富汗这件事,表明美国多么担心阿富汗会陷入选举后乱局。
Preliminary results in the second round of the Presidential poll appeared to show a huge turnaround with Ashraf Ghani, a former World Bank economist, 总统选举的第二轮结果似乎表明前世界银行经济学家贾尼出现重大转机,
now well ahead of former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah. 他遥遥领先于前外长阿卜杜拉。
To many, such a reversal of fortunes as compared to the first round of voting can only have been achieved through widespread election fraud 对很多人来说,与第一轮选举的结果相比,这样的幸运逆转只能通过广泛的选举欺诈来实现,
amid renewed fears the country could quite literally be divided. 同时人们再次担心阿富汗会出现分裂。
Secretary Kerry's already threatened a suspension of financial and security support to Afghanistan if anyone seized power illegally.” 国务卿克里已表示,如果哪个人非法获得权力,将会暂停对阿富汗的财政和安全支持。”
President Obama says the United States is prepared to facilitate a cessation of hostilities in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. 奥巴马总统称美国准备努力撮合以色列和哈马斯在加沙终结敌对局面。
More than 80 people are reported of being killed there in the Israeli air attacks launched in response to Palestinian rocket fire across the boarder. Tom Esslemont reports from Washington. 由于巴勒斯坦越过边界发射火箭,以色列发动空袭作为应对,据悉导致80多人丧生。汤姆·艾索蒙特在华盛顿报道。
“President Obama's offer of America's help to end the escalating violence is a sign of how unstable the situation has become, “奥巴马总统提出帮助结束日益升级的暴力局面,这表明目前的局面非常不稳定,
and how much he and other world leaders want it to end. 也说明奥巴马和其他世界领导人都希望能结束这一局面。
In November 2012 during the last phase of intense hostilities between Hamas and Israel, 在2012年11月哈马斯和以色列激烈敌对的最后阶段,
the United States gained the support of Egypt to broker a ceasefire, but there is still a great deal of pessimism that an imminent solution can be struck. 美国在埃及的支持下斡旋并达成停火协议,但目前人们仍保有悲观态度,不大相信会立即找到解决办法。
When Benjamin Netanyahu was asked earlier about the prospects of a ceasefire, he said simply that it wasn't even on the agenda.” 当早些时候本杰明·内塔尼亚胡被问及停火协议的可能时,他只表示这根本不在议程之内。”
The German government has asked the official who represents the US intelligence services in the country to leave. 德国政府请求在本国境内代表美国情报机构的官员离开本国,
The government spokesman in Berlin said the move had resulted from the current investigation by the German federal prosecutor into the activities of the US agencies. 政府驻柏林发言人称这是基于德国联邦检察官对美国情报机构活动进行的调查。
There has been no immediate comment from Washington; but the White House stressed the importance of its relationship with Berlin. World News from the BBC. 华盛顿目前尚未对此进行评论,但白宫强调了与柏林关系的重要性。BBC世界新闻。
A court in the United States has sentenced a Californian businessman to 15 years in prison for economic espionage. 美国法院判定一名加州商人因经济间谍罪而判刑15年。
Walter Liu was also fined $28 million for selling trade secrets from the American firm DuPont to a state-owned Chinese company. 沃尔特·刘还因将美国杜邦公司的商业机密卖给中国国企而被判款2800万美元,
The judge said Mr. Liu had been motivated by greed when he sold the technology needed to make a white pigment used in a list of everyday products. 法官称刘出自贪婪,将制造多种日常用品所需的一种白色颜料所需技术卖出。
And mounting evidence that pro-Russian separatists have abducted hundreds of people during the conflict in eastern Ukraine, 诸多证据表明亲俄分裂分子在乌克兰东部冲突中绑架了数百人,
the human rights organization says there is what it calls graphic and compelling proof of torture and severe beatings. David Stern reports from Kiev. 人权组织称存在所谓生动详实的证据表明存在虐待和毒打。戴维·斯特恩在基辅报道。
“Amnesty International said both sides had engaged in kidnapping, but pro-Russian militants carried out the bulk of instances. “大赦国际组织称冲突双方都从事了绑架活动,但亲俄分子实施的最多。
The separatists have targeted political activists, protesters and journalists. 分裂分子的绑架对象是政治活动家、抗议者和记者。
Those abducted were often subjected to stomach-churning, beatings and torture, an Amnesty official said. 大赦国际官员称,被绑架者通常要遭受痛苦的殴打和虐待。
The pro-government forces also committed a smaller number of abuses.” 亲政府军队也进行了少量虐待行为。”
Police in Brazil said that the man at the center of an investigation into the illegal sale of the football World Cup tickets has fled to escape arrest. 巴西警方称,非法销售世界杯门票调查的嫌犯已经逃跑以逃避被捕,
Ray Whelan, a director of a FIFA partner company arranging World Cup hospitality, and 11 others were indicted earlier on Thursday by a Brazilian judge. 周四,巴西法官宣布FIFA一家负责安排世界杯住宿的合作伙伴公司总监Ray Whelan和另外11人有罪。
But when the police tried to apprehend Mr. Whelan at his Cope Havana Hotel, he disappeared. 但当警察试图到他的酒店逮捕他时,他已经失踪了。
The British businessman was arrested last week, but later released again. He denies the charges. 这位英国商人上周被捕,但随后获释,他否认这些指控。
And the controversial auction of an ancient Egyptian statue has taken place in London with the artifact fetching more than$27 million. 一件古埃及塑像在伦敦被拍卖,但引发争议,这件文物获价2700多万美元。
Egypt's ambassador to Britain has condemned the sale of the 4000-year-old Sekhemka statue by the English company of Northampton, 埃及驻英国大使谴责北安普顿公司拍卖这件有4000年历史的谢凯姆卡塑像,
saying it's unethical and breaches international principles.BBC News. 称这是不道德的,违反了国际规则。BBC新闻。

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