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BBC News with Sue Montgomery. Sue Montgomery为您报道BBC新闻。
The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned that the situation in Gaza is perilous and has demanded that  Hamas stop firing rockets to Israel.  联合国秘书长潘基文警告称,加沙地带的形势非常危险,要求哈马斯停止向以色列发射火箭弹。
He urged the Israeli government to exercise restraint and respect international  obligations to protect civilians.  他敦促以色列政府采取克制的态度,尊重国际社会保护平民的义务。
Gaza is on a knife edge, the deteriorating situation is leading to a what downward spirals how which could quickly get beyond  anyone's control.  加沙地带前途未卜,逐渐恶化的形势导致事态很快就会发展到任何人都难以控制的程度。
The risk of violence expanding further still is real. Gaza and the region as a whole can not afford any  other full-blown war.  暴力进一步扩散的风险是切实存在的。加沙地带和整个地区都难以承受又一场全面爆发的战争。
Mr. Ban is due to brief an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council on the crisis in Gaza later.  不久之后潘基文将在联合国安理会针对加沙地带危机召开紧急会议。
Earlier, Israel's Prime  Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was ready to step up operations 此前,以色列总理内塔尼亚胡表示,他的国家已经准备好加强打击加沙地带恐怖组织的行动,
 against what he called terrorist organizations  in Gaza until rocket fire against Israeli targets stopped.  直到以色列遭遇的火箭弹袭击停止。
The Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti said Hamas is acting  in self-defense.  巴勒斯坦政客巴尔古提(Mustafa Barghouti)表示,哈马斯的行为完全出于自卫。
Hamas says it's ready to stop all attacks of that because everything they do as this here is in self-defense.  哈马斯表示,他们已经准备好停止所有袭击,因为他们所做的一切都是出于自卫。
And they  obviously accept that the problem to here that I'm telling you is what Americans told us.  他们很明显接受我告诉你的这里存在的问题就是美国人告诉我们的问题。
Israel refuses to stop this  operation and now they are preparing a ground operation which could lead this place into a huge massacre.  以色列拒绝停止行动,他们现在正在发动地面行动,可能会导致该地区遭受大屠杀。
Iraq has warned the United Nations that Sunni militants have seized nuclear materials used by scientists in the city of  Mosul.  伊拉克警告联合国称,逊尼派激进分子在摩苏尔市夺取了科学家使用的核材料。
Here is Nick Bryant.  Nick Bryant报道。
The nuclear materials were seized at Mosul Universities by ISIS rebels according to a letter sent to Ban Ki-moon by Iraq's UN ambassador.  据伊拉克驻联合国大使发送给潘基文的信件,这些核材料在摩苏尔大学被ISIS反叛分子夺取。
Some 40 kilograms of uranium compounds were taken which were being used for scientific research.  用于科研的大约40千克铀化合物被夺取。
The letter warns  that despite the limited amounts involved, the materials could be used in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction  信件警告称,尽管数量有限,这些材料却可用于制造大规模破坏性武器,
and  enable what they calls terrorist groups with sufficient expertise to deploy them either separately or in combination with  other materials to carry out attacks. 使恐怖组织更具专业技能,将这些材料单独使用或与其他材料联合使用,以发动袭击。
President Obama has urged parents in Central America not to send unaccompanied children on a dangerous journey through Mexico  to try to enter the United States.  奥巴马总统敦促中美洲国家家长不要把无人陪伴的孩子送上危险的旅程,试图通过墨西哥进入美国境内。
He called on Congress to approve an emergency founding to deal with the problem and said  he would consider a request made by Republicans to deploy members of the National Guard along the US-Mexican border.  他呼吁国会批准紧急资金来处理该问题。他表示,他将考虑共和党提出的请求,在美国和墨西哥边境部署国民警卫队成员。
We have countries that are pretty close to us in which the life chances of children are just far, far worse than they are  here 在距离我们非常近的一些国家,孩子们的生存机会比在这里差得多,
 and parents who are frightened or are misinformed about what's possible all want to take extraordinary risks on behalf  of their kids.  担心害怕或收到错误信息的家长们都想为了孩子而承担极大的风险。
The more that we can do to help these countries get their acts together, the less likely we are to have a  problem at the borders. 我们为这些国家提供的帮助越多,我们的边境可能面临的问题越少。
BBC News. BBC新闻。
Officials in the American state of Texas say six people including four children have been shot dead in the suburb of Houston.   美国得克萨斯州官员表示,包括4名儿童在内的6人在休斯敦郊区被枪杀。
Thomas Foeman has more details.  Thomas Foeman报道更详细内容。
The shooting happened at a house in the suburb of Spring, north of Houston.  枪击案发生在休斯敦北部Spring郊区一座房屋。
Police officers were called around six o'clock in  the evening local time.  当地时间傍晚六点钟左右警方接到电话。
One child and one woman were found alive at the scene and airlifted to hospital.  现场发现1名儿童和1名女子幸存,被飞机送往医院。
The child died on  arrival, the woman remains in a critical condition from gunshot wounds.  受伤儿童抵达医院后身亡,女子枪伤严重,情况危急。
Police pursued the suspect leading to a standoff near  the scene of the crime.  警方在犯罪现场附近逼停嫌疑人。
The gunman said to be in his thirties remained inside his car.  据称持枪歹徒30多岁,一直待在汽车内。
After some late night negotiations, he  eventually gave himself up. He's believed to be related to the victims.  经过深夜谈判后,他终于投降。据信他是受害者的亲戚。
Australia has rejected accusations by Sri Lankan asylum seekers that they were mistreated by Australian officials in the  course of being handed back to the authorities in Sri Lanka.  斯里兰卡寻求收容者称他们在被移交给斯里兰卡当局的过程中被澳大利亚官员虐待。澳大利亚否认了该指控。
The Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison who's on a  visit to Sri Lanka described the allegations as offensive.  出访斯里兰卡的澳大利亚移民部长莫瑞信(Scott Morrison)称这些指控令人反感。
He defended the return of the 41 Sri Lankans after Australia  intercepted their boat in the eastern Indian Ocean. 他辩护称,澳大利亚是在东印度洋拦截了船只之后遣返41名斯里兰卡人的。
Police in Brazil say 12 people including the director of a World Cup hospitality company Ray Whelan have been indicted for  illegal ticket selling.  巴西警方表示,包括世界杯接待公司主管惠兰(Ray Whelan)在内的12人涉嫌非法售票被控告。
Public prosecutors will now decide whether to bring the case into court. 公共检察官将决定是否将该案件递交法庭。
Argentine football fans have been celebrating their team's qualification for a place in the World Cup final.  阿根廷球迷庆祝国家队获得进入世界杯决赛的资格。
Argentina played  a finally balanced semi-final against the Netherlands in which neither side managed to break down the other's defences.  在半决赛中,阿根廷与荷兰势均力敌,双方均未突破对方防守。
With  the scores still nil-nil at the end of extra time the match was decided on penalties.  加时赛结束时比分仍为0:0,只能通过点球来决定胜负。
The Argentine player Maxi Rodriguez  took the decisive penalty.  阿根廷队员马克西·罗德里格斯(Maxi Rodriguez)在点球中起到决定性作用。
This to take Argentina through on a margin of draw alls to two and it changed the act … behind the ball, when Maxi Rodriguez  confirms the penalty! 罚点球使阿根廷走出平局,改变了比赛结果。马克西·罗德里格斯(Maxi Rodriguez)点球进了!
And that's the bulletin from the BBC News. 以上就是最新的BBC新闻简报。

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